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POSTBOX™ is protected internationally by International Trade Dress. Attempts to copy the concept will be

prosecuted by the authorities immediately and product confiscated and destroyed.

Imagine giving a young adult a gift that will introduce them to a lost art and a lifetime of pleasure. Postbox™ does just that in one beautifully presented package that contains everything required to start writing letters and postcards to friends and family. Every Postbox™ contains 50 beautifully designed sheets of writing paper, matching envelopes and postcards, as well as a stunning pen and pencil set. Topping off the paper products are a delightfully written book that taps into the 19th century art of hand writing and a gorgeous notebox with 200 sheets of writing paper.

To encourage visual excitement in-store, POSTBOX™ is sold on a pallet stand with 40 sets. Easily positioned, unwrapped and displayed in an instant!

POSTBOX™ Contains

12 irresistible Postcards
12 Floral envelopes 
12 Patterned envelopes 
Note Box with 200 sheets of notepaper
100 sheets of textured notepaper 
1 Ball Point Pen
1 Pencil
Book : The Art of Writing 

In 1840, there were nearly 76 million letters mailed in Britain alone, and that number burgeoned to over 400 million by 1853  and continued to grow through the first half of the 20th century. Today, World Vision reports that over one quarter of all seven to 14-year-olds writes less than a letter every year, and 43 percent of them have never received a letter of their own. With only 1 in every 6 teens hand writing anything outside of the classroom, and the majority of 18 to 25-year olds facing a hand writing-free future, we need to turn the tide and introduce them to the joy of writing letters - and Postbox™ is the answer!