Peter & Gillian Murray use all funds raised through Murray Books to operate Liberty Fields Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills where we rescue horses and dogs. "This part of our life gives us great enjoyment and serenity. The animals are our children and deserve a forever home"... 

Mickey and Minnie - two of our King Charles rescue dogs.

Cherokee and Casper - two more of our beautiful horses.

Murray Books started as a direct result of the author believing that he could do better than his publisher.

Peter Murray has been a packager since 1980 producing and designing hundreds of magazines and books that have successfully sold around the world. His genre ranges from sport to current affairs and over the years, he has published books for FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, The Rugby Union Board, The International Cricket Board, NASA and Formula One.

In 2006, Murray introduced a new form of tactile book into the marketplace which was a year in the making. "I visited Frankfurt Book Fair in 2005 and noted that every publisher had some form of book for the up-coming Football World Cup to be held in Germany. Square format, history, and loads of images of past and present stars."

"Really, how can one expect to compete in a marketplace with essentially the same book but with different covers. The public were seeking something new and dynamic. I approached our printer and together, we designed a new form of ‘Sports Book’ - in the actual shape of the ball or sporting apparatus. It was really very exciting to design something totally new and then to see it sell out in bookstores internationally."

In August 2006, the first tactile 3D book - World Cup Football, reached number 3 in the Australian best-seller list in the first week on sale.

Murray Books first launched the TOOTS Range at the 2005 London Book Fair. We made the decision at the last moment so had very little choice regarding a position. "The organisers placed us on the first level (where no one really went) so we were not expecting too much interest. By 11am, we were inundated and at one stage, the management asked us to move along the visitors as we were creating a fire hazard!" We met several key clients at this Fair who became our long-term partners. Since then, Murray Books has exhibited at all the major Book Fairs including Frankfurt and New York. We have also exhibited at the NEC Gift Fair in Birmingham and the Atlanta Gift Fair in the USA .

The TOOTS range was sold in 2013 and the team created the new Paper Allsorts Brand.

During 2015 and 2016, Murray Books sold over 500,000 books in Australia through retailers and created over 100 new titles. In 2017, a new concept was launched for the world market with the release of our 3D Colouring Puzzle range.

2018 will see the launch of several new trends.

Snow and Julia... Snow was given up for dead 3 years ago and has had two operations to stem his cancer which have been successful. A beautiful boy, we think that HE is the horse whisperer. Julia was abandoned 12 years ago with her brother in a massive field in the State's upper north. Very hot in summer with no food and water - her brother passed away and she was left alone. We have slowly won her trust and nursed her back to health but there are still some issues with her feet and we hope that in time, she will fully recover. Snow and Julia are now inseparable.