Simple Cooking is a revolution in the kitchen, and it holds the secret to delivering awesome meals in super-quick time. Imagine being able to turn out a frying pan pizza in less time than it takes to have one delivered, or wowing family and friends with a quick quiche or a rapid stir-fry. Starters, meals and desserts should be easy, and Simple Cooking delivers wholesome meals, baking hacks, incredible desserts and much more in a matter of minutes - and with less than six ingredients! Eliminate wastage and time in cooking for one or for a crowd, learn how easy it is to enjoy fresh food straight from your own kitchen, and enjoy yourself while you cook. In no time, you will be turning out quick meals as a matter of course, saving money and discovering a healthier you as you move from convenience foods to wonderfully convenient food prepared by YOU.

 Simple Cooking delivers simple recipes in a simple format - no more than six ingredients and app-type symbols in place of complicated instructions. Explore the world of cooking simply and easily with a fun and easy-to-follow guide that will soon transform your diet and your palate - it doesn't get any easier!

There are 16 titles to choose from in the series.